Troubleshooting and Technical Support

We hope everything is going to work out smoothly!

If there should be problems, please contact us via mail You have problems with the live broadcast? These are the most frequently asked questions and answers for self-help.

In order to receive our live broadcasts in the best quality, there are two requirements: a high-speed internet access and a livestream-capable device (e.g. PC, laptop, tablet or SmartPhone). What else is to be considered: The Internet access must have a bandwidth of at least 4 Mbit/s for download. Our livestream is suitable for almost all current end devices: computers, notebook computers, smart TVs, tablets, or smart phones (e.g. Chrome, Safari, etc.). HTML5 and Javascipt support is required. The audio output is done via speakers on the device or connected headphones. If you only have a limited data volume, this can be quickly used up. We recommend the use of a WLAN or LAN connection.

How can I check if my internet connection is sufficient?
+ To test the bandwidth of your internet connection you can use a speed test (e.g. ). This checks the available bandwidth for up- and downloading. The measured values represent a snapshot and can vary considerably depending on the time of day.

The livestream keeps stopping.
+ There is a problem with the bandwidth of your internet connection. During the broadcast no downloads should be running in the background and no additional applications should be open. When accessing via WLAN, the Internet speed depends on the distance to the access point/WLAN router, etc. In this case, a change in spatial position can improve the connection quality. Also check the debugging information by simply right-clicking with your mouse in the player window.

The livestream does not start.
+ Please check if your internet browser is up to date and try another browser or device. Furthermore, a firewall in the company may block the livestream. Is your internet connection working and do you have at least 4 Mbit/s available for download?

Picture and sound are not synchronous.
+ Processing and displaying a livestream place high demands on the resources of the end device with which you want to watch the livestream. In this case, asynchrony may occur after a while on certain systems if the resources for sound and graphic output are not sufficient. Problems with internet connection and frequent reloading can also cause these problems.

The video image is blurred.
+ The livestream is delivered in different qualities to guarantee optimum playback results on all end devices even if internet bandwidth is not optimal. If the player detects that the bandwidth is not sufficient, a lower resolution with lower quality is automatically selected.

I hear the sound twice.
+ If you hear the sound twice, then you have opened the livestream in two windows or browsers at the same time.